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iPad Conversion Services

Apple's iPad:

Apple's iPad has set the industry standards high and given its competitors huge targets to compete on. The device has been extremely successful with over 3 million device owners now backing the Apple brigade.

The runaway success of iPad has obviously resulted into enormous rise for iPad compatible eBooks. Some of the recent facts show that within last 2 months, users have downloaded more than 5 million books for their iPad - giving iPad Apple a near-instant 22% of the eBook Market share. The credit goes to its very attractive, 9.7-inch multi-touch screen, specifically designed for a wide viewing angle.

With the assistance of free iBook application, iPad can well display ePub format eBooks downloaded from iBookstore. Five of the largest six publishers in the world are already on board, releasing their content for Apple-supported format

iPad Publishing Services

Automated tools that convert books into iPad compatible ePub format almost always result into unformatted output that doesn't look nice on the device. Significant manual intervention is hence required for careful handling of most complex iPad ePub conversion and formatting projects.

At ITexecute India, we apply a combination of automation tools and manual tactics to ensure ePub that makes for an engaging reader experience.

Our iPad publishing service expands to:

  • Appropriate tagging and linking of Table of Contents (TOC), bibliographic citations, links etc.
  • Removal of original page numbers, header/footers (to ensure they don't appear in the middle of the page).
  • Proofing of images and illustrations (to ensure they are appropriately resized).
  • Re-pagination of entire book by chapter and content.

Quality in Apple iPad Conversion Services:

There are a number of images, tables, text in multiple columns, special fonts, styles, illustrations, graphs etc., that is difficult to preserve in the converted documents. Our team of experts applies their in-depth knowledge while carefully handling the most complex conversion and formatting projects.

The QA team of our DCC division ensures that all the elements of your eBooks look great and your ePubs files pass through Apple's strict ePub validation processes. For the same they conduct validation checks through ePub check 1.0.5.

We also take care of other additional requirements of ePubs for importing them into iBookstore system. It includes listing all the files in the ePub manifest and using the correct character encoding etc.

How does it work?

  • Supply your source file (input format like MS-Word, PDF, InDesign, Quark, HTML etc. or printed pages)
  • We convert and structure your documents into an ePub format.
  • You receive an eBook file compatible with Apple iPad and other ePub compatible readers.

Why ITexecute:

Our conversion and formatting approaches are meticulously laid out to maintain the integrity of the layout. Availing to our skillful formatting and ePub conversion techniques, we ensure that your ePubs look as great as real books. We combine our consulting, design and implementation skills to ensure an engaging reading experience.  is a leading provider of end-to-end eBook formatting and publishing services for writers, publishers, universities, libraries, corporations and technology companies all over the world. We offer a right mix of enabled technology and trained resources to deliver skilled ePub iPad Conversion services.

Free Trial

We understand that starting a new relationship is always risky; therefore we would be most glad to complete a sample (trial) job for you at no cost or obligation, before embarking on the entire project. This way, you will have the opportunity to see what kind of results you can expect (as well as our turnaround time) before committing to a full time relationship.

You can send in your queries at, we'd be most glad to address your needs.


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ITexecute's Information Security Management System (ISMS) ensures the protection of physical, software and information assets against all threats and vulnerabilities that can pose a threat to data security.

We have a firewall and intrusion prevention system that not only provides perimeter level security for thorough monitoring and reporting, but also acts as an anti-virus protection for all our applications.