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What Makes Mobipocket Format Perfect for EBooks?

  • Compatible with different reading platforms like Mobipocket Reader on Windows PCs, Blackberrys, Symbian smartphones, and Windows-based smartphones, as well as the Kindle and a few other eBook devices.
  • Compliant with open standards such as OEB and XHTML
  • Is a secured format as it implements the Digital Rights Management System ensuring protection from copyrights

MobiPocket (Kindle) Conversion Services

Mobipocket is one of the leading eBook formats based on the Open eBook specifications. It is loosely based on HTML 3.2 and includes some unique formatting requirements. Amazon bought Mobipocket in April 2005. The Amazon Kindle's AZW format is actually the Mobipocket format with a slightly different serial number scheme. With Amazon's Kindle becoming so popular, use of Mobipocket/Kindle ebook format for ebook publishing is increasing day by day.

Kindle Fire and KF8 Conversion Services

Extensive knowledge in the arena of eBook conversion has enabled India offer low cost kindle conversion services. Our experts are fully adept at converting any complex format files and transforming it into exciting and enhanced Kindle Fire format.

The team at  can execute most complex Kindle Format 8 conversion projects for scalable vector graphics, sidebars, callouts, nested tables, numbered lists, fixed layouts, drop

Extensive knowledge in the arena of eBook conversion has kept ITexecute India ahead of others and enabled us to offer low cost conversion of your Word file, PDF file, HTML file or any other format file in the Mobile & PC compatible format of Mobipocket/Kindle irrespective of the degree of complexity involved. We provide the complete cycle of services from Mobipocket/Kindle formatting to conversion to publishing.

What Makes Mobipocket Format Perfect for EBooks?

  • PDF to Mobipocket/ Kindle Conversion
  • Word to Mobipocket/ Kindle Conversion
  • HTML to Mobipocket/ Kindle Conversion
  • TXT to Mobipocket/ Kindle Conversion
  • ePub to Mobipocket/Kindle Conversion
  • InDesign to Mobipocket/Kindle conversion
  • Printed Books, materials, hard copy to Mobipocket/ Kindle Conversion
  • Scanned documents to Mobipocket/ Kindle Conversion
  • XML to Mobipocket/ Kindle Conversion
  • QuarkXPress to Mobipocket/ Kindle Conversion

We are open to accepting any complex format files and convert the same into Mobipocket/Kindle format delivering results within the deadline. In the process of conversion, you'll find that the quality of images and graphics has become sharper. Our endeavor is to give you an exact replica of the original file offering 99% quality. We can also convert your hardcopy books, magazines, novels, encyclopedias into Mobipocket eBooks. We have high capacity scanners to scan your hardcopy documents which are then sent for Optical Character Recognition process. After the OCR is completed, the file is converted into the Mobipocket format and then thoroughly proofread to look for any spell errors. Thereafter, we check the converted books for cross platform compatibility.

The final copy is forwarded to the client for reviewing. In case, the client wants some sort of corrections to be made, our team ensures that the needful is done as soon as possible to the satisfaction of client. It is only after we get the approval from the client's side, we initiate with the process of payment.

Our Kindle eBook conversion process is quite prompt and can convert any volume given at a fraction of the in-house cost.

Some of the popular Kindle eBook formats in which we convert the document files provided by the clients include:

  • AZW (.AZW file which is the native version of .mobi and also the exclusive eBook format developed by Amazon for Kindle)
  • Mobipocket (.MOBI)
  • PRC (.PRC file has almost the same format as .MOBI but was basically developed to be compatible with Palm PDAs)

Please contact us to discuss your Mobipocket / Kindle conversion service requirements, or to obtain a quote.

For inquiries concerning Flash Flip Book Creation Services, please get in touch with our sales team at


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